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FAQs Unix


The shell

What shell do I use

Shells and subshells

Suppression of the start of a subshell

Exporting shell variables (1)

Exporting shell variables (2)

Indirect access of shell variable contents

What is a filter

Does a filter necessarily filter

Arg list too long

Error messages (1)

Error messages (2)

Use of nohup

Filename completion

Actual path as shell prompt

Current time as shell prompt

How to output text with echo without appended newline

File handling


.profile and .kshrc

.kshrc and shell scripts

Stdin and stdout on the command line

Finding files by contents

Problem starting script file (1)

Problem starting script file (2)

Problem starting commands

Problem handing arguments to commands

Permissions and security

Is there anything that root may not do

Does a setuid program always grant root permissions

Maximum length of user passwords

Error: can't open display

File systems

Creation date of a file

Modification date of a file in different formats

Modification date of a file in the future

When is a file deleted

File contents of deleted files

How to undelete a file

Where is a file stored

Difference between files and directories

Task of directories

Endless stream of data

Text editors

Line termination (1)

Line termination (2)

Usage of the mouse in vi

Default configuration for vi

How to include control characters into a text file


What is a zombie

Zombies as sons of dead fathers


Talking with daemons

Syslog doesn't understand me

Device handling


How to access drives

Name services

NIS map structure

NIS source files

Passwords in the passwd map

Passwd map but no user login

Unexpected search order for passwd

Number of NIS domains

Switching of NIS servers

Number of slaves

Make on the slave

Lost web connection


Numbers in parentheses behind commands

How to get out of rlogin

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